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Where do you spray fire retardant? 

We don't spray fire retardant on the actual house, anything green or irrigated. We typically use retardant only on dried fuel and vegetation. 

How long will the fire retardant protect my property?

The retardant maintains its protective coating until it is washed off by rain or a water hose.

Is the Firebreak Protection System designed for indoor fire suppression?

No. Firebreak is a spraying system designed to adequately deliver wildfire retardant for exterior structures and perimeter property protection.

Will the fire retardant harm my landscaping?

The product is composed of non-toxic materials and is environmentally biodegradable. The retardant is fertilizer based, it won't kill plants but there is a potential for it to brown or burn. Plants will generally recover within 1 - 2 months. 

How to clean fire retardant from smooth surfaces?

Retardant solutions will generally be easy to remove from smooth surfaces. Use of a garden hose to wet the surface followed by scrubbing would be expected to clean the surface. If the retardant solution has dried and is present for several days in the hot
sunshine some discoloration could result. 

Do I actually fight the wildfire with the Firebreak system?

Any time you feel threatened by an approaching wildfire, you should activate the system and begin evacuation.

Will the fire retardant stain my house or deck?

The retardant has a slight tint when it is dispersed, but it should not stain painted or treated wood. You should not allow it to bake in the sun and should clean it after the wildfire danger has ended. To clean a stained surface, dampen a stained surface with water and scrub with a soft-bristled brush. Dampen the brush and using some borax cleanser may prove to be effective. Cleaners containing enzymes have also been successful in more rapidly reducing the stickiness of the thickener in the retardant. 

Does the fire retardant go bad after time?

The retardant can last for years in storage.  However, we test it yearly as part of a long-term maintenance program and recommend replacing it when necessary.

Is it expensive to recharge the Firebreak system after use?

There will be a service charge plus any work done or retardant replaced.

What if the fire knocks out the power or water source?

The Firebreak system is self-contained, powered by compressed nitrogen and does not require any electricity or running water to operate.

Will my insurance company give me any special consideration for installing a Firebreak Protection System or wildfire services?

Although most insurance companies do not reduce your insurance premium if you have a wildfire protection system in place, some will only write insurance policies in high-fire risk areas for those that are equipped with adequate protection. However, Firebreak is currently working with some carriers that give partial discounts for policies meeting certain criteria.

Who will activate my Firebreak system if I’m not home?

The optional phone system can be activated from a remote site. The phone system is designed so that you can simply dial the phone that is connected to the Firebreak Protection System and enter your personal code to activate the spray system.

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