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Wildfire Protection Unit

Firebreak Wildfire Protection Units were created to be a loss mitigation service designed to pre-empt damage well before a wildfire even ignites. Our goal is to be in front of a wildfire, preventing loss of a home or possible property damage. Our Firebreak team is a tight knit group of wildfire mitigation specialists who monitor and research wildfires, constantly looking for new innovations and methods for improvement. 

Ongoing Monitoring: 

You don’t have to think about wildfire management, we do it for you 24/7. Our around- the-clock monitoring is staffed with highly experienced information specialists who track fire behavior, conditions, direction, and changing fire perimeters. This sophisticated mapping technology identifies insured homes at risk in real-time as a wildfire approaches and is also installed in our response trucks, allowing them to make real-time in the field changes and adjustments.

During a Wildfire Event:

Our mission is to dispatch wildfire mitigation specialists to threatened areas. We follow mandated protocol by checking in to incident command when at a wildfire incident. Upon arrival on-scene, our team initially visits the properties most ‘at risk’ and work their way out accordingly. Actions taken can range from performing property ‘hot laps’, to assessing the property at risk, to the spraying of water, fire retardant or fire- fighting foam.

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Why our services are needed

In summary, ‘private fire-fighting services’ have become an important tool for the insurance industry, and Firebreak Protection Systems, Inc. provides them a safety net. We render our clients, and their policyholders, an extra layer of security because, as the personnel of local and state fire agencies are being stretched, we are there. After 17 years of saving numerous homes through years of wildfires, our wildfire mitigation specialists are seasoned, experienced, well-trained, dedicated, and take pride in their work.

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