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Firebreak Protection Systems, Inc provides a wide range of fire suppression systems for your home. As well as offering home protection carts and any additional materials a homeowner may need. 

Property Inspections

A wildfire protection specialist will visit property to inspect and assess wildfire exposure levels, make recommendations on the best course of preventative action to make your property more fire wise and wildfire safe, and follow up with a written report.

Consultation &   Pre-Treatment 

This helps to create an invisible firebreak and barrier that will help protect the property from an oncoming wildfire event. 
Mitigation – The removal and cleanup of any unnecessary vegetation that may be fuel for wildfire.

Wildfire Protection Trailer 

mobile water trailer for wildfire prevention

The Firebreak Wildfire Protection Trailer offers the same fire protection as the fire retardant dropped from airplanes to contain wildfires, but at a scale and portability suitable for large property owners. These can include residential, commercial, ranches, farms and resorts, wherever the need is required.
This system consists of a 535 gallon tank and pump specifically designed to spray liquid fire retardant. This fire retardant is designed to be applied prior to an approaching wildfire event, or as a pre-treatment by spraying dry grasses, brush, or other cellulose material at the beginning of fire season.

• 535 Gallon tank (Larger tanks available)
• Dimensions: 14’5” L x 94” W x 75” H, empty weight 1150 lbs
• 10 HP gas operated fire-fighting pump
• 250 ft manual hose/reel assembly (electric available)
• 250 ft of 3/4” ID fire hose
• 25’ suction hose with filter
• 50’ 1&1/2” hydrant hose

fire response cart

Home Fire Protection Carts

The home firefighting cart has a 13hp Honda pump with an electric start, that includes a battery tender to maintain the electrical system. 100' of 1" fire hose, 1" fire nozzle, 100' of 1-1/2" hose, and a cover to protect this material from the elements. This allows homeowners to utilize their pool, as the water source, to water down their property during a wildfire event.

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