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Have you ever asked or considered what can you do to protect your home and property from wildfire? Now you can take proactive steps to protect your property and family memories from a wildfire by hiring your own personal
and private wildfire protection service.

private fire response, private wildfire response
Wildfire protection


  • Services provided by trained wildfire mitigation specialists that are on call 24/7. 

  • Personal protection increases the chances of saving your home during an active wildfire.

  • Our staff will keep you updated on the status of your property throughout the entire wildfire event.


  • A complimentary on-site consultation to assess your property’s wildfire exposure levels and make recommendations to reduce any exposure.

  • The 24/7 monitoring of all wildfires that may occur within two (2) miles of your property by trained staff during the fire season. Monitoring includes fire location, distance and proximity to your property.

  • If or when a wildfire is within 2 miles of your property and if conditions call for immediate response, a Type II fire truck, staffed by trained mitigation specialists, will be deployed to your property to assess any danger. If there is no immediate fire danger, staff will continue to stay in the area and patrol in the event fire conditions change.

  • If fire is threatening your property, staff will take actions to mitigate the fire danger, including the spraying of firefighting foams, retardants and water, and fighting any active live fires.

Fire Break Protection Systems Truck
wildfire protection
Wildfire protection, type 6 fire truck
Firebreak truck


Flying embers can travel considerable distance, spreading fires to neighborhoods with minimal brush exposure. Coupled with wind, your home would be vulnerable to these flying embers landing on any combustible materials like a wood deck, fence, shutters, etc.

Fire retardant can be applied directly to the natural areas around the perimeter of your home with minimal effect on the enviroment.  

During severe wildfires, local fire departments may not have the resources to protect your particular property. Homeowners who take wise and proactive steps to have a far greater chance of their homes, valuables, and memories.

Firebreak Wildfire Protection Units were created to be a loss mitigation service designed to pre-empt damage well before a wildfire even ignites.


Our Firebreak team is a tightknit group of wildfire mitigation specialists who monitor and research wildfires, constantly looking for new innovations and methods for improvement. During the fire season, our team is in constant contact with one another. Our goal is to be in front of a wildfire, preventing loss of a home or possible property damage.


Firebreak Protection Systems, Inc has been in the business of fire prevention for over 30 years. We provide everything from fire sprinkler systems for homes and businesses, to fire suppression systems on homeowners’ properties. We have options such as doing preventative maintenance on properties, (pre-treatment spraying with Phos-Chek) to landscape mitigation recommendations.

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