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rooftop sprinkler system

Roof-Top & Perimeter Water Systems

Exterior fire protection systems are designed to keep the house cool and wet to help eliminate possible hot embers from igniting any area of the house. 


Systems can be activated manually, remotely with phone activation or smart home technology, and via flame detectors.  

rooftop water system

Exterior Fire
Retardant Systems 

The safe, powerful and effective fire retardant used by aerial bombers is now available to homeowners in an easy to use spray system designed to drench the exterior of your home, decks and surrounding landscape in minutes. This specially formulated home-friendly fire retardant (Phos-Chek) is colorless and is safe for use around people, plants and animals.

Once applied, the fire retardant will continue to protect your property until it is rained on or washed off. Each system is totally self-contained, powered by compressed air. No electricity or running water is required to operate. Systems can be activated manually or
remotely via telephone.

The system sprays more than enough retardant to protect your home including roof, exterior walls, decks, and surrounding landscape. Larger or multiple tank systems are available for larger properties, providing additional structure and perimeter protection.

wildfire system
wildfire prevention systen
fire retardant suppression system
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