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Protecting Your Valuables, Memories, Your Home.

Firebreak Protection Systems, Inc. has been in the business of fire prevention for over 30 years. We provide everything from fire sprinkler systems for homes and businesses, to fire suppression systems on homeowners’ properties. We offer wildfire prevention options, such as providing pre-treatment spraying with long term fire retardant, to landscape mitigation recommendations. 

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Are you ready for the 2024 fire season? 

5 tips to prepare for fire season

1. Harden your home

2. Create defensible space zones

3. Have an emergency supply kit

4. Create an evacuation plan

5. Stay informed 


Firebreak Protection Systems, Inc. has been a provider of wildfire mitigation services to individual homeowners and insurance companies for over 17 years. We have provided security to homeowners and stakeholders throughout numerous record setting and dangerous wildfires. Our Private Wildfire Response program has been structured to operate at the needs and desires of the customer. Our goal is simple - to help prevent wildfire damage and loss mitigation before it occurs. No matter the value of any home, we don’t discriminate - we are there to protect it.

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